DCCC: Help Us Against This Evil Romney-Rove-Koch Brothers Swift Boat Attack!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 at 3:07 pm

Geez, can you work in any more bogeymen in one email solicitation? Sure seems to me they’re in a state of panic now that they’ve got to defend Obama’s disastrous record for seven more months.

Since Rick Santorum dropped out yesterday, the Obama-Romney general election has fully engaged.

Just hours after Santorum’s announcement, Karl Rove teamed up with the Koch Brothers to launch a $1.7 million SuperPAC ad buy attacking President Obama in key battleground states.

There’s too much at stake to fall behind Romney, Rove, and the Koch Brothers.

Since the general election kicked off yesterday, we’re only 951 donors away from our goal of 10,000 supporters standing strong for President Obama and a Democratic Majority.

Contribute $3 or more right now to fight back against the Republicans’ swift-boat attacks >>

Wonder why the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove are launching these ads now? They know that this is a critical period for reaching swing voters. Once the party conventions come around, most voters have already made up their minds. These swift-boat attacks could cost us critical votes for Democrats up and down the ballot.

In other words, we can’t wait.

We’re all set to launch a targeted advertising and grassroots organizing campaign to set the record straight — all we need is your support.


And yes, I redirected their links.

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