Day of Rage In Afghanistan, Also Known As Friday In Rest of the World

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012 at 8:22 am

This PMSNBC headline struck me as comical. Not funny about the riots, but because of the wording used.

Afghan Quran-burning protests resume despite Obama’s apology

It seems as if all those educated eggheads that infest the news departments, even after our decades long struggle with the Islamic world, are still unable to grasp or admit that there are truths that apply to these 6th century dwelling Islamic fanatics.

First, they only recognize strength. Just like other packs of wild animals there can only be one alpha male. That power is lorded over the rest of the pack through brutal lessons. The current occupant of the White House does not exhibit any sort of strength except against his political enemies, and let’s face it, anybody who didn’t vote for him is considered his enemy.

Second, it is Friday in the Islamic world. Their day of rage. The uneducated, illiterate masses are herded into the mosques where their societal rabble rousers have a captive audience and then spew their hatred and lies thereby whipping up the loyal in a frenzy.

We seems incapable of learning from the past. I know people get tired of hearing the name Reagan thrown around, but one need only look at how quickly the Iranians released our hostages once he was sworn in. The fact is it was done mere hours after he sworn in. I saw a recent documentary on the presidents and in it the makers of the biopic piece on Jimmy Carter tried to make it seem as if the Iranians were going to release the hostages anyway but they just didn’t want Carter to get credit. Believe that little bit of revisionism if you want. It is just like they try to diminish his role in the collapse of the Soviet Union by saying he was merely at the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately I am joining the chorus of people who realize there is nothing left to be gained from this cesspool of human existence called the Islamic world. We need to be sure to put in place those things we can to prevent the export of this Middle East Darwinism to our shores but as far as trying to effect any sort of change in the areas infected I think the only thing to do now is to isolate the disease and let it eventually kill it’s host and barring that simply stop the spread of the disease.

You just have to chuckle however at these eggheads who think that despite “The One’s” actions things didn’t automatically turn into rainbows and unicorns. That is the word in the headline that struck me as comical. Despite my best attempt.

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