David Plouffe: It’s “Preposterous and Really Offensive” To Suggest Obama Lied About Libya

Posted by on Oct 01, 2012 at 7:38 am
Barack Obama

As Obama’s lies about Libya become increasingly clear, the latest strategy is to feign outrage that Obama would have dared to lie about his most disastrous foreign policy debacle during the middle of an election. They’re actually more “offended” by people asking questions that having our ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets.

How much do you want to wager this fiasco isn’t even mentioned at Wednesday’s debate?

“In the days after, that was not clear,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “And so, you know, this is obviously was a very, very fast-moving period of time.”

The attack in Libya claimed the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Plouffe called it is “preposterous and really offensive” to suggest that President Obama couched his response and was reluctant to label the event a terrorist attack with al Qaeda links because he has said that the group has been defeated.

They why did it take nearly three weeks to admit it was terrorism?

“This president’s record on terrorism takes a back seat to no one,” he said. “We obviously took out their number one leader in Osama bin Laden. The leadership of al Qaeda has been decimated just as the president promised in 2008.”

Good grief, back to the bin Laden card now? This is pathetic on so many levels.

His answers didn’t satisfy Republicans such as Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.), who continued to argue Sunday that the administration hasn’t accurately explained their response.

“The deafening silence from this administration on the terrorist attacks in Libya combined with seeing the president’s senior advisor stumble around on ‘Meet the Press’ regarding the situation in Benghazi leads one to conclude one of two things: The administration was either involved in gross negligence or incompetence that cost the lives of four Americans or what has been done in Libya has resulted in a failed state where our best trained FBI agents cannot even travel to Benghazi,” Corker said.

Now just in case you missed it from Friday, here’s the Benghazi timeline. This was from Fox’s Special Report, so clearly the rest of the media will dismiss it. This is devastating.


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11 Responses to “David Plouffe: It’s “Preposterous and Really Offensive” To Suggest Obama Lied About Libya”

  1. Lucy on 1/01/12 at 9:30 am

    Strategy: take eyes off of this explosive scandal by feigning OUTRAGE you’re being accused of something you actually did.

  2. Blue Hen on 1/01/12 at 11:08 am

    “fast moving period of time”.

    Yeah, I’ll bet that the filmmaker who is sitting in solitaary confinement right now thinks so. Still no explanation for the curious concept of a “spontaneous mortar barrage”. Still no explanation on exactly how one slanders a 1400 year old corpse’man’. Also no explanation why the dear leader whined about this and tried to strong arm you tube but piss christ is still making the grand tour. The guy who made that was never threatened, much less arrested by our government.

  3. tiredoftherunaround on 1/01/12 at 4:29 pm

    Plouffe is the outrage for defending his miserable failure of a president and naked-emperor-without-clothes after the truth was pointed out.
    A child has more honesty and brains than this.

    Obama, is in simple words, committing treason.
    In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.

  4. jk on 1/01/12 at 7:25 pm

    You realize that was the EXACT SAME phrasing/wording that Jay Carney used at his daily press bullshitting…

    Seinfeld reference: there are no small coincidences and big coincidences, there are only coincidences

  5. Cle on 2/02/12 at 12:01 am

    Media more concerned with Mitt Romney’s gaffes then the total lack of security in Benghazi. That interview made me miss Tim Russert all the more.

  6. rich b on 2/02/12 at 12:04 pm

    So what is it that is actually preposterous?
    Suggesting Omama lied?
    Or the actual reality that Omama lied?

    Spoken like a true politician. And by the way, I googled Plouffe. He’s a life-long government tit-sucker so anything he says is suspect. That’s a given. He’s NEVER had a real job or worked a forty-hour week in his life.