Dancing a Little Jig on Progressive’s Shattered Dreams

Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 at 11:01 am

What a week!

It won’t end up being a week where people ask you “Where were you when…” as you drink beers 20 years from now. But the recall election results in Wisconsin were like Christmas in June. There’s something about tears of disappointment from liberal progressives that makes my liberty-loving heart smile.

How awesome was that? And by awesome I mean hilarious. Any time you make a guy wearing a Boston Red Sox hat cry by voting against a Democrat union stooge it’s a good day. There was one bright spot for Leftists on election night…MSNBC, while still embarrassingly trounced by Fox News, scored high ratings for their prime time DNC talking-points-spewers. Those high numbers can be traced to the record number of conservatives who tuned in to enjoy reality wiping the smirks off their collective faces as they were forced to announce Gov. Scott Walker had won.

If you watched closely, I swear you could see on their faces the harsh reality setting in. First, they were picked last in every gym class every day. Then, they had to take their cousins to prom. And now, the unpopularity of their political philosophy put them back in the same dark, awkward place. It didn’t last long. They stomped it back down faster than Daffy Duck stomps down Bugs Bunny when they pop out of the ground in a cavern full of gold. But it was there. And it was glorious.  (Here’s a video compilation. Enjoy.)

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  1. Just Me on 10/10/12 at 5:49 pm

    I watched the video compilation, and I realized what it reminded me of. SNL used to do a sketch called the Superfans, about a bunch of Bears fans (“Da Bearsss!”)

    One episode, they had a New York sportswriter on who predicted that the NY Giants would beat the Bears (and they did).

    The Superfans were in disbelief that anyone could think that anyone could beat “Da Bearssss”