Courage: Obama Campaign, Minus Obama, Makes Last Minute Video Plea in Wisconsin

Posted by on Jun 05, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Maybe Barry’s all hungover from his big date night with new BFF Jon Bon Jovi. But he still wants the folks  in Wisconsin to know he stands by them …  from a distance.

President Obama’s campaign released a Web video and sent an email Tuesday morning encouraging Wisconsin voters to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Obama doesn’t appear in the video but one of his supporters in the state does.

“It’s time that we get out and make that last crucial conversation to really make those votes come out on June 5. We need to get our rights back. We need to get our state back. It’s absolutely crucial that you come out and help,” the supporter said in the video.

Of course they have gotten their rights and state back already, thanks to Governor Walker, who’s expected to win by a greater margin today than two years ago.

Remember, though, the absentee president is still hugely popular in Wisconsin or something. He was probably just too afraid to show up, fearful of being mobbed by his adoring fans. Yeah, that it. In reality, he’s attended about a dozen fundraisers for himself since Friday and made no time for Wisconsin. Perhaps the folks there might realize it’s all about him.

Anyway, here’s the video clip, narrated by what appears to be a high school girl. At least it’s not as depressing as that Cory Booker hostage video.

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