Conflict of Interest: Media Now Openly Advocating for Gun Control

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 at 10:04 am

Can the conflict of interest be any more blatant? A reminder to these tools: Your job is to report the news, not use so-called “news” stories to advocate for gun control.

Here’s their headline to the story:

As Newtown burials begin, Washington feels the heat to act firmly on gun control… and the Daily News calls on America to join our petition to ban ALL assault weapons

Nah, no agenda there. Good grief.

In the Republican-controlled House, restrictions face an even steeper climb with the vast majority of Republicans and many Democrats earning top marks from the deep-pocketed and widely feared National Rifle Association.

Yup, that’s some honest reporting there. Sheesh. It’s on thing to advocate for gun control on the editorial page (and the simplest kneejerk reaction, of course), but this is masquerading as a news story. Forget gun control. How about some media control?


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