Clueless Hill Reporter: ‘Obama gives no hint which way he’ll lean during second term’

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 at 8:19 am

Let’s see: The most radical leftist we’ve ever had in the White House gets re-elected and knows he has cadre of  subservient media lapdogs to do his bidding. He’s calling for a massive tax increase, promoting a junk science agenda and plans to promote an incompetent hack as Secretary of State. He plays the class warfare card at every opportunity and we’ve never seen a president work so hard at dividing Americans. But other than that, nobody has any idea if he’ll be “leaning” left.

Good grief.

Saying, “I didn’t get reelected to bask in reelection. I got elected to do work,” President Obama on Wednesday set out his stall for the first months of his second term.

But he gave no clear hint about whether he would tack to the left or to the center now that he has run his last election campaign.

No clear hint? I guess his snotty belligerence toward senators calling for Benghazi hearings gave no clear hint that he’s engaged in a massive cover-up. Really, can anyone be more clueless?

On several big issues, including the fiscal cliff, immigration reform and climate change, the president’s comments at his first press conference since winning a second term in the Oval Office contained enough to buttress arguments both of those who say he is a reflexive left-winger and those who say, rather, that he is a pragmatic deal-maker.

A pragmatic dealmaker? Really? He’s more than happy to drive us off the fiscal cliff and blame the GOP, no doubt with the aid of his media stenographers like this twit. To make her point she quotes a slew of far left college professors who pretend he’s some sort of moderate. Sure, they’re objective observers.

4 Responses to “Clueless Hill Reporter: ‘Obama gives no hint which way he’ll lean during second term’”

  1. rplat on 15/15/12 at 9:23 am

    This enormous gaggle of “C” average journalist majors are nothing but Obama’s propaganda puppets and nothing they publish should be taken seriously. In fact, they are the enemy all thinking Americans.

  2. JohnInMA on 15/15/12 at 9:57 am

    Perhaps this writer is related to the reporter who fawned all over the President during the presser yesterday….um, let me be more clear, ahem, the one who said, “…I’ve never seen you lose…”. After all, calling for $1.6 trillion in new taxes……um, I mean ‘revenues’ sounds pretty centrist to me.

  3. JohnInMA on 15/15/12 at 1:24 pm

    Edward – is Amie Parnes’ motivation all that important? More than one woman I know has told me what they saw was more than just excitement over ‘coolness’. It was another kind of excitement……………