Chicken of the Sea: Cowardly Captain Was Ordered Back to Wrecked Cruise Ship

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 at 7:34 am

The captain had the spine of a jellyfish.

The cruise-line skipper who abandoned his wrecked ship off the Italian coast ignored repeated orders to return to the sinking vessel — whining about darkness while hundreds of terrified passengers remained trapped on board, according to shocking transcripts released yesterday.

“Get back on board for f–k sake!!!” Italian Coast Guard port official Gregorio De Falco screamed at Francesco Schettino about an hour after Schettino crashed near the Tuscany shoreline and fled for safety Friday night.

Schettino — who was aboard a rescue boat with other ship officers during the heated call — hemmed, hawed and whined as he tried to duck De Falco’s demands to return to the listing Costa Concordia.

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