Cheney Waited Longer Than Normal for Heart Transplant

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 at 9:08 am

Shhh, this doesn’t help the narrative.

At 71, former Vice President Dick Cheney was older than average for a heart transplant, but doctors said on Sunday that advances in care have made it possible for older patients to still be good transplant candidates.

And not only was he older than the typical patient, but he waited longer than average as well — 20 months vs six months to a year.

Doctors said Cheney must have been in excellent health to have survived five heart attacks and still been eligible for a heart transplant. Cheney is recovering at a Washington-area hospital after transplant surgery on Saturday.

The news of Cheney’s transplant was greeted with an orgy of hate from the “compassionate” left.

In Herald online comments, reader Dustycc53 remarked: “Wasted on a war criminal. Hey Dick how many kids did your lies kill? Thats ok, hell can wait a little longer.” A website joked Cheney’s operation failed because “surgeons mistakenly transplanted the bleeding heart of a liberal” into the unflinchingly hawkish veep.

“Damn. No more jokes about Cheney not having a pulse,” tweeted liberal blogger Dan Kennedy, a Northeastern University assistant professor. “Cheney’s only remaining medical problem is no reflection when he looks in the mirror.” He added defensively later, “Hey, it’s a great day for the Cheneys. Why shouldn’t we have some fun?”

Others suggested Cheney bypassed normal transplant protocols.

RightWingWatch MA tweeted, “#iloveobamacare because you shouldn’t have to be a rich former vice-president to get lifesaving care.”

Yesterday, doctors at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia declared the transplant operation a success. Experts said it’s unlikely Cheney could have used influence to get a heart.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign declined to comment. Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren stated: “I wish the former vice president a speedy recovery.”

Glenn Reynolds of dismissed the left’s online mean-spiritedness as a sign of weakness: “Barack Obama’s presidency is a failure and all they have left between now and the election is to get the base angry. So they’re spreading a lot of hatred. Hate is all they have left.”



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