Bumbling Obama Congratulates the Miami ‘Heats’ on NBA Title

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 at 6:34 am
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A day after being booed in Boston, the idiot-in-chief was down in Florida Tuesday night scrounging up more money and gave a shout-out to the Miami Heats for winning the NBA title last week.

Unfazed by a partisan spat sparked by his comment on former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis, President Obama tonight again opined on a professional sports team, publicly praising the NBA champion Miami Heat at a campaign fundraiser in the city.

The only problem this time was that Obama mispronounced the name of the team – referring to it as the “Miami Heats” in an apparent slip of the tongue.

An apparent slip of the tongue, as opposed to an actual slip of the tongue.? Why can’t they just say he screwed up and leave it at that? Is he a special needs child who we have to pat on the head and congratulate him for trying? If Mitt Romney was such an incompetent boob, would they call it an “apparent” slip of the tongue? No, it would be a humiliating gaffe played on an endless loop to show out of touch he is.


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