Boston Herald Hack: Obama’s a “Centrist Pragmatist” or Something

Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 at 7:56 am

This column was written ostensibly to play down the angle that the very angry FLOTUS isn’t really all that angry, but actually should be. But it devolves into a defense of sorts for the POTUS, who laughably is called a centrist by this dimwit.

How many times, when Barack did his community organizer nice guy routine, did you think to yourself: Michelle would never put up with this baloney.

Imagine her towering over hang-dog Mitch McConnell or that pipsqueak John Boehner. She could deck them both — and her skinny husband, too.

So Mitt Romney’s been assailed for saying he likes to fire people? Barack Obama should fire tons of people, starting with his do-nothing attorney general, Eric Holder. Never mind Holder’s inability to punish any Wall Street or big-bank robber barons, how about not even a single executive from BP, which nearly wiped out the Gulf Coast?

Has this idiot even heard of Fast and Furious?

Then it gets even dumber. She actually uses Frank Rich as a source. Talk about intellectual laziness.

“The dirty secret of Obama’s background is that the values of Harvard — not of Kenya or Indonesia or Bill Ayers — have most colored his governing style,” writes New York Magazine’s Frank Rich, who used to be an Obama fan. In other words, Obama’s no leftie socialist, as his opponents and the tea party claim, but a centrist pragmatist, like Bill Clinton, yet so in the tank to big money that he spent zillions to bail it out without demanding any reforms, and then left regular Americans with the bill.

It doesn’t get any sillier than this.


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2 Responses to “Boston Herald Hack: Obama’s a “Centrist Pragmatist” or Something”

  1. Chris W on 15/15/12 at 11:56 am

    You are right, Margery Eagan is a dimwit. The only reason she even has a job a the Herald is because of their affirmative action program to have at least one bleeding -heart liberal on staff.