Boston Herald Columnist: Obama Needs to Make Romney Owns Up to His Record or Something

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 at 7:57 am

Let’s forget the fact Mitt Romney’s term as Governor of Massachusetts ended six years ago and he was the leader of one state with a huge Democrat majority.

How about finally making Obama face up to his record?

Under pressure to make up for his dismal performance at the last matchup, President Obama faces another tough task during tomorrow night’s debate: hitting a moving target.

Though Mitt Romney’s position shifts and political reincarnations have become as much of a staple in his campaign as his perfectly gelled coif, Obama seemed caught off guard by some of the claims Romney made in the first debate — such as his bipartisan record as governor and his “work across the aisle” during his 2003-07 tenure.

All well and good, but the current reality is Obama had both the Congress and Senate in his back pocket for two years and where did that get him? Anything he wanted he got, and he’s still a colossal failure.

Meanwhile, another Herald columnist offers a more reality-based assessment.

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