Border Patrol Agent Killed at Brian Terry Station in Arizona

Posted by on Oct 02, 2012 at 9:47 am

If you rely on the antique media for your news you probably don’t know the name Brian Terry. But you should, especially now.

One Border Patrol agent has died and another has non-life threatening injuries following a shooting in Naco, according to a Border Patrol spokesperson.

Both agents were assigned to the Brian Terry Station in the Tucson Sector. They were shot while patrolling shortly after midnight Tuesday.

A third agent was patrolling with these agents, but was unharmed during the shooting, according to Carol Capas of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department.

The shooting occurred off of Highway 80, seven miles east of Bisbee, Capas stated.

The injured agent was airlifted to University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson, according to a UAMC spokesperson. Homeland Security says the agent was shot in the ankle and buttocks.

Names of the agents are being withheld until next of kin has been notified, Border Patrol stated.

The investigation is being led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.

The last Border Patrol agent fatally shot on duty was Brian Terry, who was killed in a shootout with Mexican bandits near the border in December 2010. The shooting was later linked to the U.S. government’s Fast and Furious gun smuggling operation.

Via Twitchy. Maybe Fast and Furious can now be mentioned in tomorrow’s debate. But don’t hold your breath.

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One Response to “Border Patrol Agent Killed at Brian Terry Station in Arizona”

  1. Blue Hen on 2/02/12 at 9:53 am

    The betting window is now open as to the villians responsible. Fast and Furious weapons are NOT eligible you rascists.

    1. the mighy mo video.
    2. George Bush.
    3.Mitt Romney’s dog.
    4. the tea party.
    5. George Bush
    6.anyone who dares oppose the dear leader
    7. Tsunamis
    8. George Bush
    9. Rethuglickans in Congress.
    10. Spontaneous mortar barrage.