Bitter Pill for Liberals

Posted by on Mar 07, 2012 at 7:58 am

Forget about Rush and Sandra for a second, and think about what it’s like to be a practicing Catholic in America under Barack Obama. For years, Catholic institutions were free to practice their faith, protected by the First Amendment from government directives that violated their beliefs.

Which meant that for years Americans who wanted to attend Catholic schools did — knowing these schools were Catholic and that meant faith was relevant to their policies and mission.

For years, people who wanted to work for Catholic hospitals made the same choice, with the same knowledge.

And for years, people who didn’t like the strictures of Catholicism could simply go elsewhere. It seems so reasonable. So accommodating. So . . . diverse.

Well so much for celebrating diversity. A few weeks ago Catholics woke up to discover that the White House — without warning or any apparent reason — declared the religious exemption dead under Obamacare.

Catholics, not surprisingly, complained about the direct assault on their faith . . . only to discover that they have been declared the bad guys.

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