Bipartisanship! At Least 20 Democrats to Vote Holder in Contempt

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 at 2:02 pm

The dam has burst.

The congressional contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder is looking more and more like a fait accompli, as House Speaker John Boehner presses ahead with a Thursday floor vote and conservative Democrats one-by-one announce they will side with Republicans.

At least four Democrats so far have said they plan to vote to hold Holder in contempt over his refusal to turn over Operation Fast and Furious documents. Sources told Fox News that roughly 20 are likely to break ranks.

Those Democrats are largely conservative-leaning lawmakers facing perilous political circumstances in their home districts. But regardless of motive, their support only increases the odds that the nation’s top law enforcement official will be held in contempt of Congress come Thursday.

Should this happen, the vote would touch off a whole new legal process — in which a U.S. attorney would be called upon to convene a grand jury to consider the allegations and whether to indict, though with Holder at the helm it’s unclear how that would play out. 

Indeed, considering both he and his boss are above the law, they can just pardon themselves. Considering Holder was the one who arranged the last-minute pardon for Marc Rich back in January 2001, he’d come full circle receiving a pardon himself when Obama leaves town next January.

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