Bachmann: “I Was the Perfect Candidate”

Posted by on Feb 06, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Funny how she’s the only one to realize this.

Rep. Michele Bachmann thinks that America missed its opportunity with “the perfect candidate.”

The Minnesota congresswoman was asked by Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt which of the remaining candidates was the most conservative during an interview Friday, and said none of them measured up to her conservative credentials.

“I was. I was the perfect candidate,” Bachmann said in response.

The congresswoman exited the GOP presidential race last month after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses — despite hailing from the Hawkeye State originally and winning the Ames straw poll there.

Pressed by Hunt as to which of the candidates still in the race she considered most conservative, Bachmann again responded by referring to herself as the “perfect” choice.

“America had their chance with the perfect candidate,” Bachmann said. “But any of our candidates are going to be acceptable to the American people, and more than acceptable, because right now, if you look at the Gallup map that came out this week, President Obama is in big trouble all across the country.”

Well, at least she got that part about Obama  right.

One Response to “Bachmann: “I Was the Perfect Candidate””

  1. bc on 6/06/12 at 8:13 pm

    She won the Iowa straw pole… And the the establishment GOP (Fox News, Hot Air, Real Clear Politics) panicked and effectively convinced everyone that she was too conservative to win.

    A repeat of 2008 when we ended up with John McCain, and I am afraid if we end up with RINO Romney or Freddie Mac Gingrich, we will have the same results.

    When will you people learn that the only way to beat progressives is with true conservatives?