AZ Democrat Urged to Run By Obama: “Let me set the record straight, OK. I have no connections to President Obama”

Posted by on Jun 06, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Now that’s a ringing endorsement for the failed president, huh?

Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Carmona distanced himself Monday from President Barack Obama, saying he had “no connection” with the man who urged him to run for office.

His comments come months after it was first reported the president personally called the former U.S. surgeon general and asked him to get into the race.

“Let me set the record straight, OK,” Carmona told 3TV. “I have no connections to President Obama.”

Carmona described his private conversation with the commander-in-chief as one of many he had with Democrats and Republicans while deciding whether or not to run. Obama did call and encourage him, Carmona said, but, “he didn’t twist my arm.”

Before the two spoke over the phone, Carmona said he’d meet Obama one time on the set of a television talk show several years ago. At the time Obama was still a U.S. senator, Carmona was working for the Republican George W. Bush administration.

“That’s the only relationship we had,” Carmona said.

This marks the second time in as many weeks a high-profile Arizona Democrat has publicly shied away from a president who has become increasingly unpopular in this Republican-leaning state.

During a debate two weeks ago, Ron Barber, who is trying to replace retired Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, declined to say if he would vote for the Democratic president. Barber later issued a written statement clarifying that he would vote for Obama.

Outside of California, Illinois and a couple of states on the east coast it sure doesn’t look as if anyone wants to be near Obama.


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One Response to “AZ Democrat Urged to Run By Obama: “Let me set the record straight, OK. I have no connections to President Obama””

  1. Blue Hen on 6/06/12 at 3:01 pm

    Now there’s a profile in courage. It seems this guy has decided it ain’t good for his health.