Aww: ‘Odd Couple’ Biden and Obama Learn to Get Past Bumps in the Road

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 at 12:38 pm

How special. But instead of invoking the Odd Couple, how about Dumb and Dumber? After perhaps the worst week imaginable on the campaign trail, Obama’s stenographers at The Hill are actually trying to convince us these two losers have never gotten along better. Sure, that’s believable.

Vice President Biden and President Obama’s odd-couple relationship has seen some bumps in the road, but advisers to both men insist Biden’s controversial “chains” remark this week wasn’t one of them.

The Obama-Biden relationship has never been on more solid footing, insist advisers, who say the duo has formed a lasting bond and an appreciation for one another.

“They’re different personalities and they’re very different people but they like working together,” said one White House senior adviser. “They’re very much a team. They spend a lot of time agreeing with each other at meetings and reinforcing the other’s points.”

Obviously. Biden hasn’t had a fresh though since the 1950s, but surely enough he’ll never disagree with his boss. Can’t have Bammy pouting, can we?

The two men have weekly lunches. They often compare notes. And, on a more personal level, they have been known to sit in the bleachers together to root on Obama’s daughter, Sasha, and Biden’s granddaughter, Maisy, who play on the same basketball team.

So I guess this is enough to re-elect them now.

“There’s a trust there between the two of them that they share the same mission,” the senior adviser said. “The vice president is the president’s biggest defender and biggest champion and even when there’s daylight between them, or the appearance of daylight — which is more often the case — they know they’re both singing off the same song sheet. And they know that if one of them goes off key, it’s not on purpose.”

Honest, this isn’t a campaign release. It’s real journalism!

“The reason we’re going to win ultimately is my buddy — and it’s a heck of a way to refer to the president, but he is my buddy — my friend has a backbone like a ramrod,” he told a crowd in Danville, Va., the same speech where he made the “chains” remark. “I’ve watched my friend make the most difficult decisions almost any president, other than probably Roosevelt and Lincoln, have ever made, and I watched him never once put his political fortune ahead of what he thought was right for the country.”

Yup, outside of Roosevelt and Lincoln, nobody has ever made a tougher decision. Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

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