Aw: 13-Year-Old Chicago Boy Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son in Filthy Rap Video

Posted by on Aug 09, 2012 at 10:54 am

The author wonders aloud where the public outrage is over this video. Uh, hello, you’re living in Chicago, sweetie. This is standard fare.

When a 13-year-old boy shows up in a rap video cursing like a grown man, flashing money and posing with a gun, his parents and other adults involved are morally bankrupt.

Unfortunately, there has been no public outcry over a raunchy video titled “Lil Mouse Get Smoked” that debuted on YouTube on July 4, and has since Blo wn up the Internet. Nearly 300,000 people have viewed it, making the 13-year-old the latest rap sensation to come out of Chicago.

Known as “Lil Mouse,” the baby-faced rapper repeatedly drops “F” and “N” bombs in a music video that glorifies sex, drugs and violence. At one point, an adult male gets behind the teen and makes it look like the teen is holding the gun. On popular music video sites, the teen, who allegedly lives in Roseland, is being promoted as the “13-year-old rapper from the Wild, Wild Hundreds.”

The gangster-style music video is even more profane when you consider that Chicago is desperately trying to reduce gang- and drug-related violence that helped push the homicide rate up nearly 40 percent and claimed the lives of so many of the city’s children.

Here’s just a sample of what “Lil Mouse” has to say:

“I’m rollin’, all my n—-s rollin’

.30 clip and them hollow tips have his a– sitting in Roseland

Floating off a pill, p**** bad’ll kill

My n—- in the field; you might get killed….

Melly got the .30 on his hip, he gone need some help

I’m a gangster, n—-, and I could do this s— my f—— self”

Community organizer Barack Obama was unavailable for comment. He’s busy holding a fundraiser with gangsta rappers.


One Response to “Aw: 13-Year-Old Chicago Boy Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son in Filthy Rap Video”

  1. RK on 9/09/12 at 11:31 pm

    Blatantly sleazy attempt to tie Obama to something totally unrelated to him. Must be a long-shot prayer to the search-bots to cause bad-sounding results in search lists.

    This is so ridiculous, its almost comical in its child-like sophistication (not).