Australian Pol Seeks Investigation into Kiddie Jihadi

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 at 7:59 am

It’s taken a photo of a toddler holding up a sign calling for beheadings to wake the pols in Australia from their coma. Although this will of course result in charges of Islamophobia.

THE NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has asked the Family and Community Services Department to investigate the use of a young child photographed holding an sign calling for the beheading of those who insult the prophet.

“I asked the minister yesterday what can be done,” he said on radio this morning.

He expected to have a reply sometime today.

The image of a Muslim mother photographing the little boy with the sign has infuriated the public, including members of the Muslim community.

Do you know the mother of child holding up the beheading placard? Email us at

Mr O’Farrell was speaking on the Ray Hadley show this morning about the riot in Sydney’s CBD on Saturday.

The Premier said if he was supplied with an image of the woman he would be asking authorities to find out who she is.

Australian leftists don’t seem to concerned. They’re worried about far more disturbing images.

It might have been worse, of course. Kid Jihadi could have carried a sign calling Prime Minister Julia Gillard a witch. That level of incivility deeply offends sensitive cultural leftists. It’ll be fascinating to read those who denounced “ditch the witch” banners at carbon tax protests as they try to explain away views slightly more strongly expressed.

Carbon tax protests evidently weren’t considered “healthy byproducts of free speech and democracy”. Prepare for some dodgeball-worthy ducking and weaving from Q & A types such as Deveny, plus repeated mentions of the film that is said to have incited Sydney’s rioters and also the murders last week of US ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three of his staff.

Australia’s United Muslim Women Association put out a note yesterday on Facebook “clearly and unequivocally” condemning the views and violence at the protest before beginning the second paragraph: “Whilst there is no doubt that the film, which was the subject of this protest, is highly offensive to Muslims all over the world.”

Ladies, give it up. The “film” is just a laughably shot and edited 14-minute YouTube clip. It’s been online for months without causing any trouble, merely waiting to be seized upon as an excuse for mayhem.

The internet is an absolute boon for grievance-mongering Islamic leaders who have become aware that at any moment, someone on earth is doing or saying something offensive about old Muhammad. Their jobs are so much simpler now that they’ve worked out Google’s search function.


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