Attorney General Holder Continues To Defend The Rights Of The Dead To Vote

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 at 8:29 am
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Taking a break from treatment for his short term memory loss on all things related to gun smuggling, Attorney General Eric Holder took the opportunity to deliver some red meat to what is becoming a shrinking group of Obama supporters about the evils of asking for a photo ID prior to voting.

As with everything else associated with this administration it is all about racism.

“Each of these lawsuits claims that we’ve attained a new era of electoral equality, that America in 2012 has moved beyond the challenges of 1965 … ,” Holder told hundreds who gathered outside the domed Capitol. “I wish that were the case. But the reality is that – in jurisdictions across the country – both overt and subtle forms of discrimination remain all too common.”

Actually, Mr. Holder, the country has moved on from the 60’s; only the far left progressive liberals in the Democrat party are stuck in the 60’s. Whether it is recycling chants from the heyday of their anti-war protests, often using the same public figures who are now showing their age, or laying prostate before the altar of the climate change church of Al Gore,  the song remains the same. I wonder if Mr. Holder’s definition of “overt discrimination” includes members of the New Black Panther Party standing outside of polling places with batons, dressed like some sort of paramilitary mercenary?
I have long railed against the Voters Rights Act,  which is the last vestige of post Civil War retribution aimed at the southern states. The whole thing needs to end and be relegated to the dustbin of legislative history. It is the reason redistricting is more akin to giving birth then it is any sort of political process. If you live in a state which must abide by that particular bit of legislation, then you know the combination of Twister® and yoga that takes place every time the issue comes up.
Notice, too, how the tone of the arguments has now gone from there is no such thing as voter fraud to “hey it happens but it isn’t a big enough problem to be worried about.”
Don’t you worry your little head about it America, now go back to sleep.
Supporters of the new laws say they’re needed to protect against voter fraud. Several studies and investigations – including a five-year probe by President George W. Bush’s Justice Department – indicate that voter fraud in the United States is negligible, however.
See, that evil President Bush said there was no problem. Funny how they always go back to President Bush. It’s almost like their man has no record to speak of.
With luck the Democrat convention in Charlotte this year will be a repeat of the convention in Chicago in 1968.

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3 Responses to “Attorney General Holder Continues To Defend The Rights Of The Dead To Vote”

  1. Mark L on 17/17/12 at 12:43 pm

    I don’t mind the dead voting, so long as the dead person has a valid registration, and cast the vote in person.

    The most likely legal example of the dead voting is someone who casts their ballot during early voting and dies before election day. Since the ballots are not counted until election day (except unofficially), in that case a dead person literally casts a valid ballot.

    Even if the person casting the ballot is dead when they cast their ballot, I have no real objection to that. I have served as an election judge in Texas. Should a corpse come in, produce a valid voter registration card (and photo ID if they have not previously voted in the precinct), I would be legally obligated to let that indivual vote. And trust me — in that circumstance I am *not* going to say no, for fear of the zombie apocalypse. Even if they do not have proper identifcation, I would let the corpse vote provisionally, and let the ballot review committee decide whether the vote counted.

    No. I have no objection to letting the dead vote, so long as they appear at the polling place. What I object to is letting someone vote a proxy for someone that is dead. If the dead want to vote, let them come in and vote in person, like everyone else.

  2. A good guy on 19/19/12 at 4:52 pm

    Obama is losing supporters and Holder has to do something so he can keep his job. You need ID to get on a plane, drive a car, cash a check, and many more things. According to Holder it’s a burden to show ID to vote. He makes no sense and this is nothing more than left wing politics.