Atheists Rebuke Obama For Praying For Colorado Shooting Victims

Posted by on Jul 21, 2012 at 8:05 am

While nobody can top the sheer idiocy of ABC’s Brian Ross in the aftermath of the Aurora, CO, shooting rampage Friday morning, apparently some folks are trying to give him a run for his money. How stupid is this? It’s so dumb I come down on Obama’s side of things, which may be a first.

“May the Lord bring them comfort and healing in hard days to come,” President Obama said at the end of his speech today, referring to the victims of the Batman shooting in Colorado and their families. By doing so, he “ben[t] the rules” against government establishing a religion, according to the Center for Secular Humanism.

“I think it’s a little unfortunate,”  CSH director Tom Flynn told The Washington Examiner. “Even in a situation like this, [when] he leads a public prayer to a deity that it pretty recognizably the Christian God, much as you can understand the emotional context of it, he’s still sending to some degree a message of exclusion to other religions who don’t call their god “Lord” and to non-religious Americans.”

Oddly, watching Obama Friday the last thing that occurred to me that he was preaching and invoking religion. I saw the president trying to send words of comfort to the shell-shocked, grieving people of Aurora who were trying to come to grips with a horrific event.

But someone’s always got to be offended.

“By the very act of praying, that’s a message of exclusion,” he continued. “If I’m a public official, I think I’m going to look around in the morning and conclude that, ‘hey, this religion thing is just too hot to handle, I should stay away from it in my official capacity.’”

What a dick. But wait, it gets dumber.

Yesterday, Flynn rebuked Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for saying that he was “praying for rain” at a White House event. “For a Cabinet official to recommend prayer as a solution or call attention to his own devotions may violate the Constitution’s prohibition against establishment of religion,” he said in a statement.

My God, what an idiot. Oh wait, sorry for invoking God while calling thjis man an idiot.


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  1. macbrooks on 21/21/12 at 12:33 pm

    He’s definitely a piece of work. And looks to have too much time on his hands.

    mac :]