At Least 16 Killed, Including Children – In Syria

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 at 10:05 am

This story will not be getting near the same sort of attention as the incident in Afghanistan will. I don’t imagine there will be any ‘experts’ or pundits rushing out and labeling those who carried out these attacks as sociopaths or mentally deranged in the same way they are condemning the soldier in Afghanistan.

Syrian activists said Monday that pro-government gunmen have killed at least 16 people — including children — in a rebel stronghold recaptured by the government in the embattled central city of Homs.

The state media in Damascus, which often ignores claims by activists, confirmed killings in Homs but blamed “armed terrorists” as it frequently calls those behind the uprising.

Nope this is just Muslims being Muslims. There will be no rage in the streets over the killings across the Islamic world like we can expect in response the tragic events in Afghanistan. Our president will not take to the air to bow, scrape, and apologize. He won’t express any sense of disbelief.


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