AP Laments: Poor Obama “Distracted” By Repeated Scandals

Posted by on Apr 15, 2012 at 10:50 am

Just imagine how bad the news would be for Obama if the media actually reported on all his scandals. Oddly, Fast and Furious never gets a mention. Still, his stenographers at AP  are doing their best to make him the victim.

President Obama might be noticing a familiar pattern. Whether it’s allegations of Secret Service personnel consorting with prostitutes, candid moments caught live on microphones or launching bombs over Libya, his foreign trips seem to get overshadowed by distractions.

That’s been the case here on the coast of Colombia, where Obama will wrap up a weekend summit with a news conference that may well force him to confront the latest troubles — misconduct claims against Secret Service and military personnel assigned to make Cartagena secure for his visit.

In the past year alone — in travels to Latin America, to an economic summit in Cannes, France, to Seoul, South Korea and now in Cartagena — Obama’s intended message has been sidetracked, interrupted or even buried by bad timing, miscues or, in the case of the allegations in Colombia, outright scandal.

Poor thing can’t catch a break.
For Obama, this scandal is particularly piercing because it goes against type.
Against type? Really?
But the alleged misconduct in Cartagena clashes dramatically with Obama’s image of personal rectitude.
An image wholly created by the media.
It’s going to be rough for these clowns to carry his water the next seven months. But they’ll sure give it their best.

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