AP Laments No Talk of Offshore Tax Havens and Todd Akin by RNC Speakers

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 at 9:44 pm

Seriously, the “reporter” here can’t possibly be this stupid, can she?

Viewers tuning into the Republican National Convention have heard Ann Romney speak lovingly of her husband and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledge “a new era of truth telling.” What they haven’t heard is talk of offshore tax havens, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, or questions about President Barack Obama’s birthplace – the kind of divisive issues that have bedeviled Mitt Romney in the weeks before formally accepting his party’s presidential nomination.

The “divisive” issues totally ginned up by Team Obama, who we suspect is feeding her this nonsense. So really, the GOP is going to roll out some speakers to say “hey, let’s talk about offshore tax havens and Todd Akin”? Just when you think the coverage of this campaign can’t get any dumber, they sink to new levels of journalistic depravity.

Here’s a look at what has gone missing so far at the Republican convention, and clues as to why:

– OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS: Romney puzzled many supporters last week when he said big business was “doing fine” in part because it can put money in offshore accounts. Republicans, including Romney, pounced on a similar comment from Obama in June when he said the private sector was “doing fine, suggesting the president is out of touch with the country’s economic woes. And Romney’s remark renewed focus on his vast fortune and history of holding bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

Vast fortune, in case you needed the reminder he’s wealthy. So maybe Mitt should just come clean tomorrow and slink off to prison, a beaten felon.

It goes on, from Akin, to birther stuff to gay marriage. And they expect the GOP to stand there and talk about it. Anything to avoid them criticizing their God Obama. If this so-called reporter is aching for some Akin, she should have tuned in to MSNBC a few minutes ago. Since the Governor of Puerto Rico was speaking, Rachel Maddow naturally was going Full Akin. Would it be any other way?

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