Anti-Romney/Koch Brothers Demonstration Is An Epic Failure

Posted by on Jul 09, 2012 at 9:18 am

That is a pathetic showing. The average high school graduation party attracts more people than that. Remember when MoveOn was considered a potent political force? When Occupy was being touted as the equal of the Tea Party? When Greenpeace amounted to something, and the Teamsters Union at least had the ability to turn out lots of goons? Those days are long gone.

The leftists hired an airplane to fly overhead with a banner that said “Romney has a Koch problem.” How clever. The protesters cheered briefly, but then the airplane flew away and reappeared with a banner that said Lacoste L!ve. Free enterprise triumphs once again.

Left unexplained is why the protesters, who claim to be aggrieved by “money in politics,” have no problem with Barack Obama’s fundraisers with Anna Wintour, George Clooney, and what’s-her-name the actress, and don’t object to the fact that as of 2008, Obama was the greatest money-machine in the history of politics. Maybe they are just hypocrites. Is there any other possible explanation?

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