Another Boston Globe Plagiarism Scandal

Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 at 12:04 pm

There have been so many I’ve lost track. But these idiots have done it again.

The Boston Globe is refusing to reveal the identity of an editorial writer whose opinion piece earlier this month closely mirrored an online column by a GOP strategist.

Globe brass, along with spokespeople at the broadsheet and its Manhattan owner, The New York Times [NYT] Co., have rebuffed inquiries all week about the scribe whose editorial slamming Vice President Joe Biden’s “back in chains” remarks read like a rehash of Todd Domke’s piece on two days earlier.

The Globe addressed the incident in an editor’s note on Aug. 24, saying, “An Aug. 17 editorial on Vice President Joe Biden’s comments on bank regulations contained some similarities in phrasing and structure to an opinion piece by Todd Domke on The use of the material without attribution was inconsistent with Globe policies and the Globe regrets the error.”

Globe editor Martin Baron referred a Herald reporter to op-ed chief Peter Canellos, who declined to say why the paper is breaking from past practice by refusing to name the staffer.

They never seem to “regret” these things before they get caught.


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