Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest Affidavit ‘Irresponsible And Unethical’

Posted by on Apr 12, 2012 at 8:11 pm

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball where fill-in host Michel Smerconish asked him his opinions of the arrest warrant issued and carried out for alleged Trayvon Martin murderer, George Zimmerman. Dershowitz called the affidavit justifying Zimmerman’s arrest “not only thin, it’s irresponsible.” He went on to criticize the decision to charge Zimmerman for second degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Cory as being politically motivated.

“You’ve seen the affidavit of probable cause. What do you make of it,” Smerconish asked. “It won’t suffice,” Dershowitz replied without hesitation.

“Most affidavits of probable cause are very thin. This is so thin that it won’t make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge,” Dershowitz said. “There’s simply nothing in there that would justify second degree murder.”

Dershowitz said that the elements that would constitute that crime are non-existent in the affidavit. “It’s not only thin, it’s irresponsible,” said Dershowitz.

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2 Responses to “Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest Affidavit ‘Irresponsible And Unethical’”

  1. skcyclist on 12/12/12 at 10:21 pm

    I agree with Dershowitz and when the jury acquits there will be riots and AG Holder, while ignoring death threats and bounties on Zimmerman, will file civil rights charges, wink wink, double jeopardy for Zimmerman.

  2. Blue Hen on 17/17/12 at 2:22 pm

    I’m wondering if they’re hoping for the judge to toss this trash during the pre-trial hearing. Then they can blame the judge and the defense lawyer. Best case for them is that Zimmerman is pressured to accept a plea bargin. If they get as far as trying to enpanel a jury the fur will fly. Will hispanics be challenged? How about the white hispanics? Will blacks? it will get ugly fast.