Al Gore: Florida Voting Issues Reminiscent of Jim Crow or Something

Posted by on Nov 07, 2012 at 8:22 am

From what we can gather blacks were allowed to vote in Florida and although it has not yet been called a black man could well win the state again.

So what the hell is this babbling idiot talking about?

Al Gore said Tuesday that hours-long voting lines in Florida — where his disputed loss in 2000 cost him the presidency — is part of a wider, conservative-backed voter suppression effort that recalls Jim Crow discrimination laws.

“At some point after this election, I hope there will be a reckoning for these governors and state legislatures that have intentionally tried to prevent people from voting,” Gore said on Current TV, the cable network he co-founded.

Gore said the huge waits in South Florida are “un-American” and a “disgrace,” and linked them to conservative-fueled efforts he called aimed at voter suppression.

Obviously these nefarious “suppression” efforts aren’t working as planned.

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