After Nearly Three Months Nobody Yet Held Responsible for Benghazi Terror Attack

Posted by on Dec 03, 2012 at 8:05 am

Lost in the all the chatter about Susan Rice’s incompetence and Barack Obama’s brazen lying about the reasons behind the Benghazi terror attack it’s worth noting that 11 weeks after the September 11 incident nobody has yet been held to account.

Heck, we’re not even sure who’s behind it. Obama’s too busy golfing and prepping for vacation to even bother to show concern.

So four Americans are dead and the media emits a collective yawn.

From the outside, after nearly three months, it doesn’t appear much is happening to bring the terrorists to justice.

Yes, the Libyans rounded up a few of the “usual suspects” in the days after the attack, but little more seems to be going on to get as many as 100 terrorists involved in the raid. (A Miami Herald report claims that the Libyans have actually arrested no one.)

Some feel the Libyan government is dragging its feet for fear of making enemies of the myriad powerful, well-armed extremist militias — which, more than a year after the revolution ended, still operate freely across the country.

Indeed, the person many believe responsible for the assault, Ahmed Abu Khattala, the leader of a wing of Ansar al Sharia, is still reportedly walking the streets of Benghazi. (He’s denied involvement in the attack.)

Equally troubling, a Time report indicates that terrorist sympathizers or collaborators among Libya’s law-enforcement and security services might be implicated in the attack.

OK, so the Libyans are basically paralyzed, but what are we doing?

Well, the FBI is investigating the case after a very late start. The State Department is also doing a report, and it’sgenerally assumed that US intelligence is gathering information that will pinpoint the attackers.

Of course, before a US special- forces raid or a drone strike is conducted against those who did this, we’ll need good intel to make sure we get the right people at a propitious time and place.

But as the old adage goes, punishment should be not only just, it should be swift. Yet “swift” is clearly no longer an option after nearly three months.

Our seeming inactivity and silence send a message to the terrorist world — loud and clear: We’re not only inept, we’re weak.

Weak, and incompetent. Meanwhile, the maker of the stupid YouTube clip still sits in jail.



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  1. ChicagoXile on 3/03/12 at 1:36 pm

    The Obama-slobbering media’s Benghazi narrative: Nothing could have been done to prevent this.