Afghan Taliban Vow to Behead U.S. Soldiers, Obama Flies Off to Watch Basketball

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 at 7:51 am
Barack Obama

There apparently is no crisis too great to deter Barack “Hoops” Obama from his appointed rounds. What would it take to keep him from basketball? A terror attack on U.S. soil? I’m thinking even that might not do it. Following the rampage by an American soldier Sunday, Obama showed far more outrage than he did after the Fort Hood massacre. Still, even as events unfold today in Afghanistan, all systems are go for some March Madness.

Taliban militants opened fire today on an Afghan government delegation visiting one of the two villages in southern Afghanistan where a US soldier is suspected of killing 16 civilians.

The gun attack killed an Afghan soldier who was providing security for the delegation, said the police chief for Kandahar province where the visit took place. Another Afghan soldier and a military prosecutor were injured in the attack, he said.

The attack in Balandi village came as the Taliban vowed to kill and behead those responsible for killing 16 Afghan civilians on Sunday. President Barack Obama said the massacre increases his determination to get US troops out of Afghanistan.

You would think a guy whose approval ratings have cratered would get the message from the American public. Enough of the games, parties and vacations. Your presidency is about to evaporate and your main focus is basketball. He really is that out of touch.

This afternoon, Obama meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron, as the two leaders fly to Dayton, Ohio, for the first game of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. They will watch Mississippi Valley State take on Western Kentucky.

Privately, Cameron must be thinking to himself  “why is this idiot taking me to watch a game I know nothing about?”

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4 Responses to “Afghan Taliban Vow to Behead U.S. Soldiers, Obama Flies Off to Watch Basketball”

  1. BeckoningChasm on 13/13/12 at 1:11 pm

    I’m really curious about the details concerning the killings in Afghanistan on Sunday. I can’t believe it was some nutjob, unless he was Muslim himself.

  2. Cathy Robinson on 13/13/12 at 3:28 pm

    What that Muslim at Fort Hood killed so many of our soldiers it was called ‘workplace violence’ and he is still in prison, getting fat on the taxpayer dime. Now this, letting Afghan dictators run this; and it is so disgraceful!! Our soldiers have had to endure perfidy under this administration, and this soldier should be brought home for psychological treatment.

  3. Mike Giles on 14/14/12 at 6:45 pm

    You know, I say the headline of this piece; but the last line was cut of by the bottom of the page. So it looked like this:

    “Afghan Taliban Vow to Behead U.S. Soldiers,
    Obama Flies Off to Watch”

    Then as I scrolled down the page, I saw:


    What’s interesting is that for a moment Obama watching U.S. Soldiers, being beheaded didn’t seem odd.