Maybe She’ll Take a Veteran On Her Next Vacation

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 at 7:58 pm
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First lady Michelle Obama, whose advocacy for veterans and their families has defined her tenure in the White House, is now appealing to the constituency for political support for a second Obama term.

I must have missed all that advocacy for veterans in between rearranging my food pyramid and all of her vacations. Please don’t come courting veterans when the party your husband represents has done so much to denigrate their service and cast aspersions on their service. The only crowd more anti-military is those narcissistic 1%ers in Hollywood whom you continually turn to to fill your campaign coffers while they make propaganda films for you.

No, Ms Obama, you’ll collect the usual group of anti-war veterans who we have seen marching in protests and maybe some disillusioned Ron Paul supporters, but to come to the military and veterans for support of your husband, well,  let’s just say your chances are somewhere between slim and none, and I’m pretty sure I saw Slim riding out of town.

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