20 Arrested As Mostly Peaceful Occupy LA Losers Protest for the Right to Use Chalk on Sidewalks

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Raise your hand if you knew Occupy LA was still in existence. Good. Now it appears they’re really scraping the barrel on things to protest. Now it’s that God-given right to scrawl stupid stuff on the sidewalk.

The world is watching. And laughing.

A free-speech protest turned into a bottle-throwing clash with police that injured four officers and ended with 20 arrests, authorities said Friday.

The confrontation occurred Thursday night during Art Walk, a monthly event that encourages people to visit galleries, bars and restaurants in a revitalized downtown area.

Protesters said they were demonstrating against the recent arrests of some people for chalking on sidewalks.

“We were handing out free chalk for freedom of speech,” Cheryl Aichele, 34, of the group Occupy L.A. told the Los Angeles Times.

The demonstrators were ordered to disperse shortly before 10 p.m. after they began writing on the sidewalks and buildings with chalk, Officer Norma Eisenman said.

Some messages chalked at the intersection of Spring and 5th streets included “May the youth rise” and “End the Fed,” the Times reported.

Instead of dispersing, police said some protesters began hurling cans and glass bottles. Three officers were treated for minor injuries but a policewoman received a mild concussion when she was struck in the helmet, Eisenman said.

The story goes on to say they “could” face criminal charges. Well, let’s hope so.

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