Monthly Archives: May 2012

Heh: Romney Holds Campaign Event Outside Solyndra HQ

As the Obama campaign implodes with today’s disastrous David Axelrod fiasco in Boston, Mitt Romney pulled out a sledgehammer and whacked Obama with a well-placed photo-op outside Solyndra HQ, highlighting Obama’s disastrous green energy scam. Well played, Mitt. Mitt Romney … Continued

Liberal Myths Versus Democratic Realities

This campaign season, President Barack Obama has run across the country – often on the taxpayer’s dime – to rail against the privileged station of the wealthy. It is Obama and the Democrats who will cut down on the power … Continued

Wisconsin end game: Anti-reform war ends Tuesday

Despite the left’s apocalyptic warnings, Walker’s reforms have helped turn the state’s ruinous finances around. His rollback of union “rights” — which started the whole mess — isn’t even being discussed anymore. Job creation is up and public education’s finances … Continued