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White House Panic: Gruesome 2012 Economic Forecast Could Doom Obama


That’s one ugly stat piled atop the next.  Trillion-plus-dollar deficits in every single year of Obama first (and possibly only) term.  Unemployment creeping back north toward nine percent (remember, the White House projected that joblessness would have sunk below six … Continued

Romney Cruises to Florida Win


If Newt Gingrich was feeling the butthurt after an avalanche of negative ads in Florida, a  15-point scorching sure won’t help the bruised feelings and ego. Mitt Romney has won the Florida Republican presidential primary, Fox News projects. The victory, … Continued

Guess The Party

After getting rudely woken up at 0500 this morning by the home protection device known as a dog I figured what the heck might as well stay up and enjoy the fact that I have a few waking moments not … Continued

Of films and fear: The Times buys Islamist lies


The facts outlined in “The Third Jihad” are almost entirely based on documents submitted into evidence by federal prosecutors in the largest terrorism-financing trial in American history, US v Holy Land Foundation et al. Those documents show the common Muslim … Continued

Early Candidate for Mother of the Year


A Brooklyn mother has been busted for abandoning two of her daughters on a sidewalk — leaving them alone hours after she gave them a curse-filled tongue-lashing, cops and neighbors said. Dalisha Adams, 26, was charged Monday with two counts … Continued