“You Can’t Evict an Idea”

Posted by on Dec 08, 2011 at 7:33 am

So maybe you can’t evict an idea. But you can evict smelly “Occupiers” from a park. You have to admire the  sense of humor of these people. There will be two of them left and they’ll still be talking trash about how much their movement is growing.

The city is preparing to broom Occupy Boston out of Dewey Square this weekend after a judge lifted her restraining order, sources said, but protesters vow to go back to court today to fight any eviction.

Yesterday’s surprise ruling — reversing the judge’s prior stance and coming more than a week earlier than expected — sent shock waves through the 2-month-old tent city, where occupiers said they’ll resist eviction nonviolently, and if evicted, will find a way to continue.

“The movement won’t end,” occupier Dave Lehnert told the Herald.

 “We’ll keep growing, no matter what.”
Sure, and so will your stench. Now move along.
The statement continued, “Occupy Boston has always been a peaceful political protest, aimed at drawing attention to the growing inequalities in our society. At a minimum, Boston city officials and the police must exercise restraint and respect with regard to the Occupy Movement and the concerned citizens it represents.”
Sure it’s been peaceful. Except for those hundreds of crimes. Keep believing.

Meanwhile, back at Dewey Square, rain-soaked protesters gathered to discuss their future.

Some occupiers said it’s time to leave Dewey Square, get an office and focus on future goals.

“You can’t evict an idea,” J. Gallant of Somerville said.

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2 Responses to ““You Can’t Evict an Idea””

  1. LibertyAtStake on 8/08/11 at 7:50 am

    You can evict squatters, and you can discredit a bad idea. In this case the squatters are discrediting the bad idea (statism / socialism). We should continue to help them do so simply by doing the job the corrupt and biased MSM will not do.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”