Wonderful: Pakistani Editorial Says Nuclear War With India “Inevitable”

Posted by on Dec 09, 2011 at 8:39 am

I wonder if the appeasers Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are aware of this? If so, they’ll probably bribe the Pakis to avoid what may be inevitable.

Every now and again, one reads an editorial that stops the reader in his tracks.

On 8 December, with the headline “War Inevitable To Tackle Indian Water Aggression,” Pakistan’s Urdu-language Nawa-e Waqt, issued such a screed.

Nawa-e Waqt bluntly commented on India’s Kashmiri water polices and Islamabad’s failure up to now to stop New Delhi’s efforts to construct hydroelectric dams in Kashmir, “India should be forcibly prevented from constructing these dams. If it fails to constrain itself, we should not hesitate in launching nuclear war because there is no solution except this.”

Potential nuclear war over water rights – such sentiments ought to light up switchboards from New Delhi to Washington.

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Needless to say, nukes in the hands of the increasingly unstable Pakis is cause for alarm, especially as their government becomes more militant and hostile to the west.

H/T James Stafford.

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