Where Is the Occupy Threat Assessment? Has anyone seen Janet Napolitano​ lately?

Posted by on Dec 01, 2011 at 9:17 pm

Okay, so where’s the high-profile threat assessment for Occupy Wall Street?  The inept Homeland Security Secretary was completely and utterly wrong about the “right-wing extremist” menace… but on her watch, a very violent left-wing movement has formed in response to the same economic factors Napolitano was muttering about in 2009.  They’ve been assaulting cops, pushing old ladies down stairwells, turning public parks into biohazard zones, and even taking pot shots at the White House.  Their movement is not a nebulous phantasm of fashionable lefty paranoia, joined together by allegedly vicious and racist opposition to the First Black President and made dangerous by a combination of military expertise and respect for the Second Amendment.

In contrast, the Occupy movement is explicitly and inherently violent and lawless – “occupation” is the forcible seizure of property, in defiance of civil law, rendered moral by the fanatical self-righteousness of the Occupiers.  The point of this is to compel attention to their ideas, rather than merely “exercising free speech.”  It is not surprising that such a movement becomes very unpleasant in the extremes of frustration.

Not only did DHS fail to assess this threat in advance, but even now that a combination of inclement weather and public exasperation is sweeping it from the streets, we still don’t have a blue-ribbon dossier that bears any resemblance to the supposedly dispassionate and logical “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.”  How is that logically defensible as anything but a combination of politics and incompetence, if Napolitano’s defense of the earlier report is to be taken seriously?  The Tea Party didn’t force its way into private offices, or oblige the public to spend millions of dollars cleaning up its filth.  It didn’t take thousand-cop armies to get them off the streets.  In fact, they frequently got overcharged by ridiculous margins to pay a few police officers overtime, so they could spend pleasant afternoons in the park watching little kids walk around in tricorner hats.

I know Napolitano doesn’t have an answer to any of this, but would some congressional Republicans kindly hunt her down and force her to confront the question, on the record?

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