“We Stood Our Ground, We Stood On Our Land”

Posted by on Dec 11, 2011 at 9:26 am

The delusional losers from Occupy Boston are still talking tough. Swept up a couple of days ago they’re still babbling away as if they have actually accomplished something.

“We stood our ground, we stood on our land. We did what we felt we had to do. This doesn’t stop us. We might lose the parcel of land, but this movement is strong.”

— Jorge Alvarez, 48, of Back Bay

Um, Jorge? It’s not your land, brother.

“We created a public space, a public forum where anybody was welcome, where anybody could to talk about the issues that mattered to them.”

— Seth Em of Dorchester

Yeah, and the drugs were plentiful and raping the womenfolk was, like, really cool!

“There are phrases like ‘occupy’ that people didn’t really talk about before, and ‘the 99 percent.’ We raised people’s awareness level.”

— Pattie Remer, 48, lawyer, of Back Bay

Indeed, we’re aware what hapless losers you are. But thanks for playing and enjoy a nice parting gift.

Howie Carr has the last laugh.

We’ll miss the tents with the four-letter words painted on them, and the Palestinian Authority flags, and the crack dealers, and the endless police calls to break up drunken fights. Of course at least half of the “occupiers” scattered yesterday are indigenous South Station bums. They’ll drift back, and will soon be running their old scams on the commuters instead of on the mama’s boys and assorted losers.

I’m sure the hippies will be bragging forever about how they’ve started a “national dialogue.” They have, but it’s not the one they imagined. What people are talking about is how astonishingly ignorant these brats are. Here, they marched to Burger King, but not to Barney Frank’s office. Who had more to do with the collapse of this economy — the Whopper or Mr. Hot Bottom?

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  1. Beckgal on 11/11/11 at 10:47 am

    Howie Carr nails it!! These people are so delusional they actually think the country is rooting for them. We have the liberal, cheer leading media to thank for much of their idiocy.