“We Are the Kings and Queens of This Land”

Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Some unintentional comedy as count down the hours until the end of Occupy LA. If these drooling morons leave us with anything, it’s their re-defining self-parody.

In a makeshift interfaith sanctuary at the L.A. site, Jim Tessmar led a Sunday morning prayer service for a congregation of three, reciting the Lord’s Prayer. He also read from the Gospel of Matthew, a passage that speaks of depending on God and not worrying about tomorrow. Participants sang a hymn and accepted pieces of “unity bread.”

A congregation of three and that’s worthy of a headline? Oof.

Then there’s this clown beating a drum. He’s there to save humanity or something.

Nearby, beating a drum on the south lawn, was Alex, 43.

He said that five years ago he earned $2,200 a week as an Internet video and telephone technician. Several times, he said, the company laid off staff members and then brought them back at lower pay. He made $500 a week before he was laid off for good.

He lost his home in Beaumont and his car and remains jobless and homeless.

“I came here to work for economic justice,” said Alex, who did not give his last name. “We need a new system. This is a movement to save humanity.”

Hey, why bother small when you can save humanity?

Yet for sheer comedic value, nothing tops Chad and his buddies. They’ll be making a tree house  so they can stare down the mayor. Yes, really.

Chad Knutsen, 23, and several friends were still working to expand the reach of Occupy L.A. — vertically.

They dragged wooden pallets up steps on the south side of City Hall. They were planning to erect a tree house “to be level with the mayor’s office and look him in the eye.”

Knutsen has been on site since Oct. 1. He appeared unfazed by the mayor’s ultimatum.

“I’m not worried about it at all,” he said. “We are the kings and queens of this land. I won’t resist, but if I see police are assaulting unarmed and peacefully resisting citizens I will defend that protester.”

Maybe Chad plans to have the police die of laughter. Besides, don’t kings and queens represent the top 1%?


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