“We are in a Key Moment in the Occupation Movement… the Governments Now are Seeing Us as a Threat”

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We’re rapidly approaching the point where one guy shouting on a street corner declaring war against capitalism will still draw media attention. Well, now that the Democrat-orchestrated OWS movement has collapsed, they’re trying to be creative in an pathetic effort to stay relevant.

Is there adult out there that can let them know it’s finished?

With protest camps being cleared out of many US cities, the “Occupy” movement targeting Wall Street and economic inequality is searching for new targets as it strives to remain relevant.

Some of the demonstrators are launching long marches or setting up targeted protests, others are setting up street performances to get their message across.

“Although many occupations have been taken down, the occupation movement is still alive,” said Cologino Rivera, 21, a member of the original Occupy Wall Street group that has been evicted from New York’s Zuccotti Park.

“We are in a key moment in the occupation movement… the governments now are seeing us as a threat,” he said, saying this is the reason for evictions from New York, Los Angeles and other cites.

A threat to public health, perhaps, but beyond that, um, no, Cologino, you’re no threat anoone.

Hate to break the news, but you’re done.

The Occupy groups are also joining forces with labor unions to target telecom giant Verizon, claiming the company is cutting jobs and worker benefits despite hefty profits.

Yeah, because the unions really flexed their muscle the last time they took on Verizon.

Meanwhile, now that nobody’s paying them any attention down at Zuccotti Park, it’s time to move uptown to annoy people in the Braodway theater district.

In New York, the Occupy movement is going Broadway, launching non-stop free performances and marching to a “secret location,” as part of an effort to set up “creative resistance.”

“This Saturday, creative artists, performers occupy Broadway and commence an all-night performance in an undisclosed bonus plaza,” the Occupy Wall Street group announced.

Please, let there be puppet shows!

The anti-Wall Street movement, born in New York in mid-September, is trying to redefine itself, as permission to camp in public spaces is being rapidly curtailed.

The loosely organized, left-leaning Occupy Wall Street protesters insist they are exercising their freedom of speech in the run-up to November 2012 national elections.

Not to be outdone by the rousing success of the 22-man epic march to Washington, another hapless crew now plans to go from DC to Georgia.

A group of 15 Washington protesters left the capital this week for a march to Georgia, aiming to draw attention to home foreclosures and job layoffs along the way.

“Using the marches is the greatest thing,” said Kyle Szlosek, 21.

“We can be going door to door, to every town … March is going to be the next phase” of the movement.

Probably a good idea heading south. Things are getting rough further north.

The man charged with criminal threatening at the Occupy Maine encampment Wednesday night had been free on bail on a manslaughter charge from 2010.

Ernest Weidul, 51, was arrested at Lincoln Park at 9:45 p.m. after a confrontation that erupted when he was refused entry into another person’s tent, police said. Weidul displayed a knife during the confrontation, police said.

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  1. Fuzzlenutter on 3/03/11 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you OWS for bringing back the good old days of the traveling freak shows!