“We’re Not Violent People. We’re Not Rapists. We’re Not Any of Those Things the Attack Ads are Saying”

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 at 8:05 am

Attack ads? Who needs to run attack ad when all you have to do is watch the violence unfold on television every day and reads the depressing accounts of women being raped, drug overdoses and general mayhem?

When you’ve got a rap sheet that grows by the hour, there’s no need for so-called attack ads. We can all read, son.

You are what you are.

Occupy Boston and union protesters marched from their Dewey Square encampment to the Charlestown Bridge, where they were blocked by police yesterday, but unlike their counterparts in New York and Los Angeles, they milled around and then marched back with no significant challenge to the cops.

“I’ve marched on the bridge before. I would have marched on the bridge, except there was a police blockade and we don’t want anything to turn violent,” said Ethan Long, 21, an Occupy Boston protester. “We’re not violent people. We’re not rapists. We’re not any of those things the attack ads are saying.”

Protesters said the march was meant to draw attention to the nation’s aging bridges and roadways, the need to fix them and the availability of unemployed labor, but the apparent inability of the government to put people to work.

It’s pointless even trying to explain this to them, but maybe these twerps living in the bluest state in the nation should look toward the party they put in power for answers. They can start by asking where all the greens jobs are and where all that stimulus money went.

These sniveling pukes in Boston don’t even have the stones to challenge the Boston PD and allow us to see some good head-cracking.

Time to pack it in, kiddies.

Boston police Superintendent-In-Chief Daniel Linskey, who along with several bicycle and motorcycle police officers blocked traffic along the route, said union organizers coordinated with police in planning the march, and contained unruly elements inside of it.

“The anarchists tried to take it over, but the union organizers wouldn’t let them,” Linskey said, referring to a small group that he said attempted to challenge cops at the bridge. “They actually stopped them before they reached the (police line).”

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