“We’re Going to Eat Some Cake and Wear Party Hats, and Go Off on a Big March”

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 at 8:42 am

The losers from the last remaining big city encampment will be celebrating with cake and party hats today! Good times, good times. Maybe there will be juice boxes as well.

Yet they still haven’t got the slightest clue what they’re doing. Meanwhile, as you can see in the photo, they’re allowed to pour raw sewage into the streets and nobody bats an eyelash. Where are the environmentalists?

Occupy Boston plans to go all out for its two-month-iversary today … with several hundred people still living in tents on the Rose Kennedy Greenway even after the original Occupy Wall Street was swept from Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

“We’re going to eat some cake and wear party hats, and go off on a big march,” occupier David Lenhert said. “There’ll probably be singing and dancing too, because we’ve got a lot to celebrate.”

Really? You’ve accomplished nothing except your own little crime wave.

These people are pathetically delusional.

Some occupiers have been arrested on drug charges, others are engaged in a legal battle with each other over control of tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Outsiders gripe that the leaderless group still doesn’t have a coherent message.

“What’s the plan?” said computer programmer Gregory Volf, during a lunchtime walk through the tent city. “The Tea Party is very straightforward. We know that they’re against more taxes, but here, I don’t see any slogans.”

Occupiers see it differently.

“The point of this is to get together and talk about problems,” Lenhert said. “And two months later, we’ve shown the world that a lot of people care about what has been happening.

Um, no. But have your cake and eat it, too. Judging by what occurred last night, you’ll soon be evicted.

The whole world is watching … and laughing at you.

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