Video: Typical Eagles Fan Not Handling Defeat Well

Posted by on Dec 02, 2011 at 1:34 pm

This poor kid must have had nightmares after another humiliating Eagles loss in Seattle last night. Ah well, another season down the tubes.

Haters gotta hate. And that bring us to 5-year-old Christopher from Illinois who really, really, REALLY hates Tom Brady.

The little Philadelphia Eagles fan was hatin’ on 12 so much last weekend that his dad, Patrick, felt the need to take a minute-long video of his son’s rant which has, of course, gone viral!

“Why you so mad at Tom Brady?” goaded Dad while taping his youngest son in a major meltdown after the Patriots  exploded in the second quarter of last Sunday’s tilt against Vince Young & Co.

“I HATE HIM,” wailed Christopher. “He’s an idiot,” harrumped the little guy.

“I think he’s an idiot, too,” lied Patrick, who claims to have “a lot of respect” for No. 12. “He might throw a pick.”

“He never throws picks, just touchdowns,” whined the weepy wee one who has now been LOL’d at by 130,000 YouTube viewers. “He’s sucky.”

Not exactly a popular sentiment, but props to young Christopher for refusing his father’s offer to allow him to punch the TV screen!

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