Trash Talking Not Allowed In Soccer Apparently

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This. Is. Stupid. Stupid. STUPID.

A soccer player in merry ‘ol England is facing a whole variety of punishments for trash talking an opponent. He allegedly used some racist language when talking to another player. No shit. Having played soccer for the better of 3 decades, back in my younger days, I can tell you this sort of thing goes on all the time. Hell ask anybody who has played any sort of team sport and they will tell you it goes on. It is all part of the game. Or at least it used to be. My goal was to either get my opponent so mad that he would be seeing red and lose his focus on the game and instead focus on me. Failing that I just hoped to get in his head enough to make him mess up. I have been on the receiving end of several unflattering comments which questioned my genealogy and the sexual mores of mom more then once. Trust me you haven’t lived until some guy from Guatemala informs you in broken English that you are the by product of your mom mating with a donkey.

England soccer captain John Terry will be charged with racially abusing another player, the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service said Wednesday.

The incident concerns comments the Chelsea footballer allegedly made to Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand in a recent English Premier League match.

“I have today advised the Metropolitan Police Service that John Terry should be prosecuted for a racially aggravated public order offense following comments allegedly made during a Premier League football match between Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea on 23 October 2011,” said Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London.

“I am satisfied there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and it is in the public interest to prosecute this case.”

I can’t believe a country which is notorious for it’s soccer hooligans now has their knickers all in knot because some player got his feelings hurt. In fact it seems the soccer ruling party is doing exactly what the other player wanted, the one who is claiming the insult that is. He has taken a player off the field and totally destroyed his focus. By choosing sides in this bitch slap fight they are doing the bidding of the offended player. I will bet you a dime to a donut that if you go pull film of the game where this allegedly happened you will find that the offended player had a really bad game and rather then admit that he decided to throw some blame around.

Anyway I can’t frikkin believe this and I just have to shake my head in disbelief when the mere accusation of hurt feelings can now result in fines and suspensions. This is what passes for free speech in Queen’s kingdom I guess. Thank goodness they did away with beheadings.

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