Touched in the Head: Sandusky Book Still Available at Penn State Bookstore

Posted by on Nov 12, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Uh, what the hell are these people thinking?

Copies of Jerry Sandusky‘s autobiography “Touched” were still available for purchase in The Penn State Bookstore as of mid-afternoon Friday.

Sandusky, Penn State’s former defensive coordinator, is charged with sexually abusing eight children. In the wake of the Sandusky investigation, the university’s board of trustees fired legendary coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier. In addition, the Attorney General’s office has charged former athletic director Tim Curley with perjury as a result of the investigation.

“It is hopefully just a mistake, that they still have that [book] out and it’s still available here,” said one recent Penn State alum who glanced at the book, just to make sure it really was on sale. He asked that his name not be used.

Nope. It’s not an oversight. A university bookstore spokesman said he was aware the book, which explores Sandusky’s work with the children’s charity he founded, The Second MIle, and his football career, was on display. It’s located in the middle of the store, located on Pollack Road, not far from Old Main.

The Sandusky book can be found in a row entitled “Local Interest Section”, between “Living Without Electricity”, by Stephen Scott and Kenneth Pellman, and “The New Face of Small-Town America: Snapshots of Latino Life in Allentown, Pa..”, by Edgar Sandoval.

“I don’t really have a comment on that,”’ said a book store spokesman. “We haven’t changed any operating  procedure.”

The same grad who was hopeful that the book availability was an “oversight”, then frowned at the news it wasn’t.

“That is shameful, to try and promote that [book], in my opinion,” said the alum, who made trip from Washington, D.C. for Saturday’s Penn State-Nebraska game at Beaver Stadium at noon.

“That fact that it’s in Penn State’s bookstore is really hard to believe,” said another alum, originally from Lewistown, Pa. She also declined to be identified.

Meanwhile, in an emotional setting earlier today players from both Penn State and Nebraska gathered in prayer at midfield.

It was a powerful scene here before kickoff, as both Penn State and Nebraska players and coaches, along with the dozens of former Nittany Lions players here, gathered at the 50-yard line to kneel together and pray.

Goosebumps. The crowd roared as the teams headed back to the sideline after several minutes of prayer led by Nebraska assistant Ron Brown.

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  1. Blargsmash on 13/13/11 at 10:26 am

    It is a college. It has no morals or wisdom. That is the reason the book is still there.