Occupy Portland Cleared Out: Onlooker Taunts “The Whole World is Laughing”

Posted by on Nov 13, 2011 at 8:23 pm

The hapless human debris was cleared out of Portland parks today, yet, the nitwits remain defiant to the end.

The pre-dawn confrontation that Occupy Portland protesters were preparing for this weekend unfolded instead in daylight hours Sunday, after throngs of supporters had gone home to sleep and bleary-eyed campers were caught unaware.

But even as Portland Police successfully cleared the two downtown parks, the evictions sparked an hours-long standoff as protesters spilled into the streets. And the cooperative, communicative spirit that marked much of city leaders’ dealings with the movement appeared to crack as police shoved campers out of the parks, some campers called officers “Nazis” and other protesters proposed occupying other parks.

“We will not back down, even in the face of force by the Portland Police department,” said Max Brewer, a 22-year-old protester. “We are standing here to exercise our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. … It’s a statement just by standing here.”

You’ve come a long way in life, kid. Yes, just standing there you’re making a statement.


Others are also having trouble coming to grips with reality.

Hundreds of onlookers have joined protesters at Southwest Main Street and Fourth Avenue. Among them is Phillips Teterss, 52, of Milwaukie and his Pomeranian, Katie. “I came down here to check it out — not because it’s a circus; it’s reality,” he said. “It’s sad that they — the 1 percent — don’t realize where our world is heading. I think they’re money-grubbing, savage people.”

Sure. We’ve witnessed weeks of dangerous, criminal behavior, but it’s those evil money-grubbers who are the savages.

At least someone in Portland’s got a sense of humor.

As protesters shouted, “The whole world is watching!” onlooker Gene Gallun, 63, yelled back, “The whole world is laughing.” Gallun, who said he is a Republican, said the event should help his party gain votes. “The world will see what the left is like,” he said.

18 Responses to “Occupy Portland Cleared Out: Onlooker Taunts “The Whole World is Laughing””

  1. Fuzzlenutter on 13/13/11 at 8:41 pm

    These miscreants, misfits, and malcontents are just like crotch crickets to get rid of. Unfortunately, they’ll keep slithering back…

  2. Ben on 13/13/11 at 10:08 pm

    “These miscreants, misfits, and malcontents are just like crotch crickets to get rid of. Unfortunately, they’ll keep slithering back…”

    Too. Much. Information.

  3. Hankmeister on 13/13/11 at 10:34 pm

    The OWS (bowel) movement provides a perfect picture of the end game of liberal socialism … otherwise euphemistically known as “progressivism”. The sheer criminal carnage of the whole movement is a portent of what will happen when post-modern liberalism is completely unfettered by the moral trappings of (Judeo-Christian) western civilization. Imagine the national socialist media outrage if the Tea Party had engaged in one one-hundredth of the rapes, drug dealing, prostitution, assaults, robberies, ad nauseam.

    Because of the complete lack of truly criminal activity at Tea Party rallies the liberal shamestream media had to gin up false charges of racism and violence. A truly Goebbelesque achievement on the part of the national socialist media. Fortunately several video-cameras were running precisely at the spot where the Congressional Black Caucus lied about Tea Partiers allegedly “yelling racial epithets” at them when no such thing happened. And subsequent analysis of local media reports (often ignored by the national socialist media when it was liberal/union violence) determined that well over 85% of the violence reported at townhalls during 2009-10 was committed by SEIU thugs and other liberal lunatics!

    BTW, feel free to quote me on this.

  4. Mick Stockinger on 13/13/11 at 11:02 pm

    What I found interesting is the one protestor’s citing of the right of assembly as a first amendment right. He is completely correct, but if you asked him if corporations should have first amendment rights, how would he answer?

    Well, you know how he’d answer…and he’s be wrong for the same reason he’s right about OWS–corporations are people associating and expression their views while petitioning their government.

    As usual, liberal exhibit a five-year-old’s concept of fairness, which is ‘whatever is good for me is fair by definition…’.

  5. Henry Hawkins on 14/14/11 at 10:30 am

    Mostly, I just feel bad about poster Ben’s ongoing losing war against crotch crickets.

  6. richard40 on 15/15/11 at 11:13 am

    “We are standing here to exercise our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. … It’s a statement just by standing here.”

    If that was all they were doing, a leftist leaning city like Portland would not have thrown them out. But of course the left is totally incapable of orderly peaceful demonstrations, like the Tea Party, they only know how to do anarchist riots.

  7. richard40 on 15/15/11 at 11:21 am

    Ever notice that the OWS guys love the fed gov, and want more of it, but they hate the local cops and officials, while being rude and insulting to local residents,and trashing everything. By contrast the Tea Party hates and insults the fed gov and fed officials, and wants less from the fed gov, but respects the local cops and officials, and is courteous to local residents, and cleans up after themselves. Which attitude do you think is most likely to win friends in most communities. And the disparity between biased press coverage of OWS vs Tea Party, and what local residents actually see with their own eyes, should opwn a lot of peoples eyes on media bias.

  8. DaveinPhoenix on 15/15/11 at 8:19 pm

    Hankmeister has it about right – just doesn’t take it to it’s logical conclusion: OWS has been a marvelous, but tiny example of the American left wing. Not just the laziness, ignorance, hypocrisy, or disgusting filthy habits/lifestyle. But the dollar cost of the police, EMT, overtime unionized cleanup crews and general disruption of the areas which they invade is a perfect microcosm of what we’ve allowed to occur in America over the past 50 years or so.

    We wonder how we became so far in debt? Some day historians will add up the dollar and human cost of what the left wing has bestowed upon us. Shocked that we were so afraid to simply tell these crybabies to grow up, and failing that, slap them upside the head. Works wonders.