“The Occupy Boston Movement as a Whole Became Fascist”

Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 at 10:04 am

Even the Occu-losers in Boston had enough.

Dispirited Occupy member Stephen Campbell, 24, said when asked why he didn’t get arrested, he said he withdrew from the camp early today as the end was clearly in sight.”The Occupy Boston movement as a whole became fascist,” he said, adding he still believes in the Occupy idea but not the organization. “At a general assembly this week we spent four hours trying to evict people rather than focusing on our political causes.”He went on to say the general assembly betrayed the movement, so he left the Dewey Square encampment before he got arrested. He also told the Herald’s Dan O’Brien that Boston police were the smartest in the nation by coaxing occupiers out. “They got Occupy Boston to leave, themselves.”

Outwitted by those dumb cops, eh?

What a pity.

One former occupier was outrageously outraged.

Most occupiers said police handled the situation well, but Katrina, who wouldn’t give her last name, expressed outrage that police came in “at 5 a.m., when most people were asleep,” she told the Herald’s Christine McConville.By 8 a.m, the tents and signs were gone, and a graffiti-busting crews were hosing down a sign-filled wall near where the group had held its general assemblies.It seems the occupiers just ran out of gas.

I guess she’s unaware of that whole element of surprise thing.

One last crime spree, just for old time’s sake:

It didn’t go all that easily for occupiers today. The Herald’s Dan O’Brien reports that Robin Jacks, 31, was punched in the face by a man who had been accosting her and two other women just outside the Dewey Square encampment earlier this morning. They walked back into the tent city.Jacks, one of Occupy’s top tweeters, took out her smartphone and began to record the man and, she said, he “freaked out” and hit her and grabbed her iPhone. She screamed for help and the man ran down Atlantic Avenue where he was later arrested by cops.”People came from everywhere. They said they’d go to jail for me to help me. The cops were great. They were wonderful,” said a rattled Jacks.


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