The Faces of Occupy Boston: Why These Slugs Are Unemployable

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 at 8:10 am

Howie Carr has a great item today on the useless layabouts that stunk up Dewey Square in Boston the past couple of months. The mugshots say it all.

A mug shot is worth a thousand words.

And these BPD mug shots from Occupy Boston tell us quite a story, namely, how greasy and dirty you’ll look if you stop bathing for weeks at a time.

Until they were run out of Dewey Square, the howling-at-the-moon hippies were protesting the fact that they can’t find jobs. And it is true that the vast majority of those lugged early Saturday morning are unemployed.

Imagine that — how could a potential employer not be bowled over by, say, Jonathan Landry Kenyon, age 19, a drifter from Freedom, Pa. Look at that Mohawk! But wait, there’s more. According to the booking sheet, he has (you’d never guess) tattoos. “Religious tattoos.”

Check out Ridgley Fuller, a no-nonsense granny from Waltham. She’s 64, a social worker who’s separated from her husband. According to newspaper stories, she’s made several trips to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. She calls Israel an “occupying power,” and compares Israeli rule to the “Jim Crow oppression of 50 years ago.”

The last ship she went on was “The Audacity of Hope.” I wonder who she voted for in 2008. Do you suppose Noam Chomsky bailed her out?

The scariest one of the lot is Paul Schoeckert (photo above), a 23-year-old blow-in from Milwaukee. Check out those dreadlocks. Do you have any idea how long you have to not wash light-brown hair to get it to look that vile? I don’t know either, and I hope not to ever find out.

Here’s a shot of many more of the dirty, ugly faces:


The Herald’s house bleeding heart is much more sympathetic. She doesn’t quite get it.

More thoughts here.


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