Surprise! Michelle Obama’s “MyPlate” Initiative a Miserable Failure

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 at 5:40 pm

It occurs to me if you’re going to push something called MyPlate, you might want to watch what’s actually on your plate. When the public sees you constantly shoveling cheeseburgers, fries and short ribs in your pie hole, you’re not going to be taken seriously.

A graphic interpretation of recent changes to the US dietary guidelines shows that the average American adheres to the national food guide MyPlate just seven days out of the year.

Using its National Eating Trends statistics, which have been tracking the eating and drinking habits of US consumers for 30 years, market research company the NPD Group found that only two percent of Americans’ diets — equal to about seven days a year — come close to the US Department of Agriculture’s new dietary guidelines launched this summer.

Analysts defined “MyPlate days” based on consumers who achieved at least 70 percent of the daily recommended intake for dairy, fruit, grains, proteins and vegetables on the same day. The report was released Tuesday.

Furthermore, the few times Americans were found to meet nutritional requirements, data showed that they were also likely to consume more than three meals a day.

First Lady Michelle Obama launched the new plate icon this year, replacing the decades-old food pyramid.

Naturally, this colossal failure is a top food story for 2011.
Replacing the outdated and often confusing nutritional pyramid, the MyPlate icon, introduced by the USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity program, presents a simple image meant to convey a fairly simple concept: make half of every meal consist of fruits and vegetables and the other half of lean proteins and grains. There are more recommendations, which can be found at, such as “avoid oversized portions” and “make half of your grains whole grains.” Seemingly simple ideas that, up until now, have not been fully adopted into the average American’s diet.
They apparently haven’t been incorporated into hers yet, either.

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